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AI + Marketing: yea or nay

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been taking over conversations by storm lately. It’s everywhere: e-commerce, B2B, and everyday life. What’s fascinating is how much controversy there is with the rise of AI tools as an overall category. There’s a definite divide: folks who anticipate seeing a negative impact of AI tools on the Marketing function (“nay”) and folks who see it as an inevitable part of a brighter future (“yea”).

I fall into the “yea” category. And here's why:

Faster Insights

The most beneficial application of AI in marketing is processing large amounts of data. And while gaining data-informed intelligence is valuable, acting on those insights and delivering them to the right audience fast is a competitive advantage.

Marketing leaders, ask your teams today:

  • How can we process more data faster?

  • Can we find insights from multiple data sources?

  • What decisions can they inform us of?

  • How can we use and deliver these insights to our customers fast?

More Experimentation

AI-powered tools are forcing us to experiment more. And as a result, that leads to more creative solutions. For example: have you always wanted to use intent data to inform your sales journey? Well, friends, the time has come. ABM? Now you have better tools and features available to do hyper-personalization at scale.

Start framing “what if” conversations with your teams: what if we could deliver personalized service/content/features to our prospects and customers? What would it look like? How are we trying to accomplish it today? What are the gaps?

Leveling Up

Winning Marketers will embrace AI to level up their game. Not to scale mediocre content, not to cut costs on creative production, not to replace humans with machines (and expect excellence). Don’t use AI for the sake of using AI either… that’s a distraction that will cost you. Use AI to level up and deliver value faster, personalize better, and integrate your systems more intelligently.

And one more piece of advice: don’t lose track of what distinguishes great marketing teams. Winning marketers will always be authentic storytellers, creative producers, and intuitive relationship builders.

For more AI-related insights and valuable opinions from talented marketers, check out this panel discussion from Business Reporter I joined a couple of weeks ago: “Leveraging AI to drive B2B Marketing”.

I love experimenting with new tools. Specifically, there're several AI-powered products for Sales Enablement on the market right now that I'm a big fan of. Connect with me at, and let’s compare notes.


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