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Marina Devalia

Playbook Lab founder, Marina Devalia. Fractional CMO and project-based Marketing services.
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I'm an experienced marketing leader with an entrepreneurial edge. With a talent for building effective marketing operations in the enterprise SaaS industry, I'm constantly exploring new avenues to optimize the revenue marketing engine and bridge the gap between Marketing and Sales.  Prior to starting Playbook Lab, I've held Marketing leadership roles at three Washington DC-based SaaS companies: Cloud Generation, Capitol Canary and Higher Logic. 

Although Washington DC is my home-base, it's not uncommon to find me half-way across the world  - still working on aligning Sales and Marketing teams (but with a better view).

"Marina has a unique ability to unite Sales and Marketing functions - from aligning leadership on goals and building SLAs, to making sure both teams are working in tandem during campaign execution. She owned the full vision and execution of the Playbook for one of our Sales Kickoffs at Higher logic - it was the best sales enablement asset that Marketing has produced, and it was very well received by the Sales team."

Hunter Montgomery, CMO, ChurnZero

Small team with big access

Depending on a project, I tap into my network of very talented marketing friends, specialized agencies and vetted vendors. You'll love them too, I promise. Here are some of my preferred parters. 

Playbook Lab partner: Motiio is a creative agency specializiing in video production and distribution strategy.

Motiio is a creative agency specializing in video production + distribution strategy, as well as general brand oversight.

Playbook Lab partner: Mukava is a DC-based WordPress web agency

Mukava in a DC-based agency that offers WordPress development and maintenance, website design and consulting services.

Playbook Lab partner: RevMethods is a proprietary AI tool that delivers actional lead conversion insights directly to your Sales reps, in real time.

RevMethods is a proprietary AI tool that delivers actionable lead conversion insights directly to your Sales reps, in real time.

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