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Sales + Marketing alignment
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We build playbooks to maximize performance of SaaS revenue teams.

Women owned and operated

What we offer

Revenu Marketing Playbook o set and track your marketing revenue sources
Revenue Marketing Playbook

Set clear expectations on Marketing's revenue performance: use a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to plan and track your revenue sources 

Sales Enablement Playbook to supercharge your sales funnel
Sales Enablement Playbook

Know which stage of your customer acquisition process needs a boost: infuse the right marketing assets to fine-tune your sales funnel 

Go-to-Market Playbook to deliver solidified product positioning and sales enablement assets
Go-to-Market Playbook

Align Marketing and Sales: solidify your lead qualification and sales process, GTM messaging and buyer personas into one digestible toolkit - a GTM Playbook. 

Latest projects

Playbook Lab helped Churnzero build a go-to-market playbook for the annual sales kickoff

Go-to-Market Playbook

Delivered: January 2023

Go-to-Market Playbook for ChurnZero's Annual Sales Kickoff

ChurnZero is a leading  Customer Success platform that helps subscription businesses fight customer churn. They partnered with Playbook Lab to create a consolidated toolkit for their 2023 Sales Kickoff

End result: a Go-to-Market Playbook with solidified product positioning, messaging, customer personas, sales enablement assets and competitive differentiation.  It also serves as an effective training and on-boarding tool across the organization.

Playbook included sections on:

Organizational alignment

Customer deep dive

Product deep dive

Sales enablement tools


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